10. Individual Reflection

Bryan - After going through the whole project, I learnt that I must work to task and not delay time as it will lead to the downfall of our project. We also must work together to ensure the project run smoothly and not fail.

 Nimalan - From this project I have learnt to work well with team-mates and  had also gained knowledge about typography which at start I knew nothing about it. Now I have more knowledge on that with evidences. Not only that, from this project I also learnt commit myself into it and be be as diligent as possible

Pei Ling- I have had a great experience in leading this whole entire project. I remember the first few weeks when we first started off, the long brainstorming sessions. I have to admit that it was all worth it in the end, seeing all our hard work that paid off. I learnt to manage a group better, like by using to-do lists and regular updates. Everyone played an important role, whether they were research manager - the brains, communication manager - nervous system, multimedia manager - our aesthetics, and lastly me - the organizer. Keeping my members on track is my task and I hope I have fulfilled my role

Yadunand - Through this IRS Project, I learnt on ways to work with team-mates. I had also learnt to communicate with others well. Commitment to the project, and organising my work and completing work on time was very important to prevent this research from failing. I also learnt through research more on typography and how it affects the readers.

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