7. Conclusion

The better the typography, ones that are usually easily seen, like the font Happy Monkey, in which there were appropriate spaces between each character and each character is written in a form that makes it look ‘normal’ and ‘readable’ such that it is not overly decorative and in result affects pattern recognition, therefore enhancing the difficulty of the task. As the typography gets worse, people will have a harder time reading and understanding the passage, thus not being able to remember the information easily and causes them to think that it was a painful and long period of time to do this survey.
We hope to do this project to research more on typography, and the medium of digital arts. From this project, and this conclusion, we can conclude if a font is suitable to evoke an emotion in an situation. We can conclude that if we want the audience to read something, we should use larger spaced and animated fonts. Cursive-like, handwritten typography can be used in a classical format, in a small amount. Too much complicated, small and minute typography may annoy the readers. To wrap it up, a variation of typography that complement each other is good to attract readers.

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