6. Discussion/Analysis


From this, we can see that Group 1 performed the best at reading the task. They were generally better at reading the passage and the reading was smoother on the first sight of the comprehension passage. Number of points they remembered upon reading, was also more than Group 2 and 3. Their Relative Subjective Duration average was also shorter than the other 2 groups.

There was an extreme case that the time taken for RSD by one person in Group 1 was 11 mins, effectively pulling the average up. However, what (some of us) believe is that the person actually took the 'mental time' to think through, thoroughly, therefore lengthening the time, if not the person just found it plain tedious to remember the information.

Group 2 was generally okay, the average of the 2 groups. However, the amount of time taken to read and RSD by both Group 1 and 2 was also very close.

Group 3 was the worst performing group, as the people who first started to read the passage often squinted, or exclaimed something, or just read the word, one- by- one, slowly, before they started to comprehend it. Because of this, this was the factor that triggered their brain to believe that this passage is much too difficult to comprehend and remember. So they 'gave up' and kind of just continued to do the activity, without much memory.

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